Weird Jobs From Around The Internet

Weird Jobs – The Best Of The Rest

Some of us from time to time may have worked (or may even be in) in a weird job or environment, which some people may not even know existed!

We’ve taken to the front page of the internet, aka Reddit, to put together this list of outlandish, different, and just plain weird jobs for your entertainment! Enjoy!

Video Games…For Cats?! – User OrphanBach had to write video games for cats, yes, really. It was part of vision research, where they were studying how to interest cats for the maximum amount of time, the amount of visual tracking and the exact type of eye movements. Apparently the cats loved it!

It’s All A Lie!! – Remember those art shows on TV like Art Attack where they would feature art sent in by children? Well, Doctor_Puppet used to create fake children’s art for one of these TV shows (which he didn’t name)!

Feed Me Money! – Tigger880 didn’t specify his job title, but apparently he had to fold up and wrinkle dollar bills and then feed them into test machines. He was surrounded by thousands of dollars and was constantly under surveillance in a locked room. Freaky…

A Caddie…At A Miniature Golf Course – I’m not sure if Bob_Loblaw007 was serious or not, part of me wants it to be true and part of me doesn’t…

Break, break, break! – ETA_Was_Here is responsible for breaking toys and then writing reports on how they break. Great if you suffer from stress and need to unwind!

Book Repairman – While working at her local library, user Dianeruth was tasked with repairing books and once spent 4 hours glueing pictures of sad clowns into one book…

The Mystery Employer – Jaeward apparently spent 3 months taking pictures of cash machines (aka atm’s) and completing a survey on their condition, for a mystery employer who paid him $3 per machine. He claims to have been able to do 100+ machines a day!

There’s plenty of other unusual and weird jobs out there, this is just a handful that I thought were worth talking about!

If you have worked in a weird job / have heard of any, then please put them in the comments below.

The Ultimate CV Checklist

CV Checklist! Get Your CV Checklist Here!

The time has come to update your CV because you’ve decided that over the weekend you’re going to apply for some jobs!

We’ve put together this cv checklist to help you create an interview and hopefully job winning CV:

Is your contact information visible? 
You must, must, must have contact information somewhere on your CV. Use your name, personal address, email and telephone number/s (choose between home, mobile or both).

Ensure that your email address is appropriate as well; Hiring Managers and Recruiters won’t be impressed if you’re using something like “”. Make sure you also have a nice, professional voicemail set as well, just in case you miss any calls.

See our CV mistakes post for more info on the above.

What did you do and where? 
Ensure you’re displaying your most relevant qualifications, skills and experiences to showcase your ability to do the job. Sure, putting in your summer jobs when you were 16 in is nice, but an employer is really interested in the later / recent ‘good stuff’ that you have done.

Have you got a summary? 
This section is imperative and needs to include any achievements / qualifications that you are particularly proud of, but more importantly, should tell the employer why they should hire you. Get them excited about your skillset and how you could help them!

Have you tailored your CV? 
The chances of you getting an interview and maybe even the job could depend on this! Use strong keywords and strategic placements to tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for. Give them good reasons for offering you the job!

Have you spell and grammar checked? 
This is easy and only takes a minute or two; use the built-in Word spellchecker or Grammarly to check over your CV, it’s worth it!

Is it an appropriate length? 
Hiring Managers and Recruiters don’t want to spend time going through a 5+ page CV which lists absolutely everything that you’ve ever done in your professional career. Make it no longer than 2 pages if you possibly can!

Everything else:
Is it visually pleasing? 
Is it easy to read and not cramped? 
Is it all neatly aligned? 
Is each section clearly labelled? 
Have you checked the continuity of the fonts and sizes? 
Have you listed some interests? 
Have you included keywords, action verbs, buzzwords and industry relevant acronyms? 
Have you included a referees section? 
Does the content support your career goal? 

Does it feature a:
Contact info section? 
Personal profile / summary section? 
Employment history / work experience section? 
Education and training section? 
Interests and achievements section? 
References section? 

Finally, have you read it and have you had someone else read it? 

You should now have an excellent CV to use in your next job application!

If this CV checklist has helped you, then please leave us a comment!

Ways To Boost Productivity at Work

Keep calm and stay productive!

It’s time for some more Wednesday Wisdom, today’s post is all about productivity at work and how we’re going to help you to ‘skyrocket’ it!

There’re two ways to increase your productivity, either by working more hours to ensure you get your tasks done or (the way myself and 99% of the population like to do it) by working smarter!

It’s time to time! – Timing / tracking and then limiting your tasks in my opinion is the best way to increase your productivity at work. You’ll often be surprised at how much time your spending on something and should then figure out a plan to more effectively get that task done in a shorter space of time.

I can vouch for this working, we implemented this at my last company and we saw a huge increase in productivity from the day it began!

There’s plenty of tools out there to help you such as WorkTimer, Toggl and Project Timer.

Have a break, have a [famous copyrighted catchphrase] – It might sound like the wrong thing to do, but scheduling in a break here and there really can help. This article posted on ScienceDirect discusses how brief mental breaks keep you focussed.

Give yourself a 5-10 minute break in the morning and afternoon if you can and see how it affects your performance, or be prepared to crash and burn!

Say no to multitasking – We usually think that multitasking is the way to be more productive, but it actually may be pushing you backwards rather than forwards. Researchers found that trying to do multiple tasks at once can actually result in losing time and productivity, so make sure you focus on one task at a time.

NOtifications – Try to ignore those personal phone and email notifications when they come in during work hours, instead, try to schedule in times to check them.

Prioritise for productivity – This is something else I can vouch for working, getting your tasks scheduled and prioritised! It will keep you focused and coordinated throughout the day. Even if you are assigned a random task during the day which isn’t on your list, you will still know what else needs to happen once you’ve finished it.

You also get that satisfaction of putting a line through something or checking a box once something is done.

Try out a tool like Asana or Slack and watch your productivity soar!

A tidy desk is a productive desk – I covered this in a post I wrote about stress the other week, it simply talks about getting your desk tidied up and to try and give it some colour.

Often we find ourselves with stacks of paper, stationery, and other things cluttering our desks; that’s not going to do anything for your productivity. Give yourself something interesting to look at, get a plant, a picture, anything to increase your happiness and productivity at work!

I hope this article has helped you, if you have found any of these tips useful then please leave us a nice comment below!

Rid Yourself Of Stress In The Workplace

Stress Begone!

Stress in the workplace is not uncommon by any means, everyone suffers stress in the workplace environment from time to time!

If it’s been bothering you for a while, then it’s definitely time to take action, your career shouldn’t ever make you angry, to the point where stress starts digging in! It could be affecting your productivity, health and personal life.

We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to rid yourself of stress in the workplace once and for all, let’s make your career fun again:

1. A Well Rested Employee Is A Happy Employee – I can’t begin to tell you how important sleep is when it comes to the whole ‘beating stress’ subject! Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night can and will help you almost immediately.

If you find it difficult getting to sleep, then try to go to bed earlier and earlier every night, until you hit that ‘sweet spot’ that fits in with you and your busy lifestyle / schedule.

2. Thank You For The Music – Blasting your favourite music at home (make sure you sing out loud), on the way to work (maybe don’t sing out loud for this one), and even whilst working (if your boss allows it) has an incredible effect on our emotional health, our focus, and even our decision-making process!

Determine your current listening habits, identify your preferences, establish your anchor song and get it going!

3. Clean Desk = Happy You – It’s one hundred percent true that a clean work environment is a happy work environment; if your desk is cluttered up with paper, stationery, etc, then get it off and keep only the essentials!

4. Let’s Chat – This should be one of the first things you do when you start getting stressed at work, talking about it with someone! Whether it be your Manager, a colleague, a family member or a friend, it makes a big difference getting it out in the open.

5. Hit The Gym – Exercising releases endorphins, which makes us feel happy and positive! Try exercising in the morning before you go to work and see how it impacts your day. Try to get in around 30 minutes+, 3+ times a week.

6. Eat Away The Stress! – Take a step back and look at what you’re currently eating on a regular basis that is considered unhealthy. Have a McDonalds for lunch every day and feeling awful? Swap it out for something healthier like a salad, (healthy) sandwich or pasta.

7. Smile And Say Good Morning – I’m hoping you already do this, otherwise you might be the unpopular one in the office! Make a conscious effort to smile when you come into work and say good morning to everyone; ask them how their evening was, have a nice chatty conversation before your day begins.

8. Leave Work At Work – Getting a healthy work-life balance will help you immensely; enjoy your weekends and time away from work, don’t spend it checking up on your emails / notifications every five minutes!

Try not to stay too late (if at all), as a recent study has shown that people who work late in the office have an increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack; get yourself home and relax!

If there’s anything I’ve missed off here then feel free to stick it in the comments below, it would be interesting to hear how you keep yourself calm and collected within the workplace.