8 Tips to Boost Your Happiness at Work

happiness at work

It’s time to talk about happiness at work!

We spend most of our time within the workplace and with that being said, it’s always worth taking time to invest in new ways to improve your productivity, success and (mainly) happiness at work.

Today we’re going to go over 8 different ways to boost your happiness at work and how they affect your feelings, how we act inside and outside of work, and more:

1. Hit the gym

Exercising has been scientifically proven to increase endorphins and other chemicals in our brain that makes us feel good, you’ll also feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end.

These benefits of just 20 minutes exercising can last for up to 12 hours, so try to get in a workout before your working day begins!

2. Make your desk your own

Adding a bit of personality to your desk will always help. Items like pictures of your family and / or friends, plants, lucky mascots will always help your mood.

3. Have a break

Don’t get burnt out over your work, take a few minutes break here and there to re-focus your mind.

4. Plan your day

There’s nothing worse than getting into work and not knowing which tasks you should work on. Plan your time the day before so you can avoid sitting at your desk¬†stressing out about what needs to happen.

5. Switch up your day

If your day has become repetitive¬†and boring, then don’t be afraid to ask for some more / alternative tasks to complete. Doing the same thing every single day will not help your happiness at work whatsoever.

6. Have a chat

Having a friendly chat or ‘banter’ with your colleagues can remove stress or upset almost instantly.

7. Take some time off

Use up some of your annual leave and go on a short holiday / break.

8. Find a new job

If you’ve already tried the above and still can’t find happiness at work, then it might be time to just find a new, more exciting / interesting job. We can help!

Maybe it’s your colleagues, the hours, or the location. Have a good think about what could be causing your discomfort and start a job search if need be!

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