8 Ways To Be Successful In The Workplace


Successful in the interview? You were? Congrats! Now it’s time to show your new employers what you can really do!

1. Act as if you’re still being interviewed – Prove you still deserve the position! So far you’ve only managed to show how good you are in a job interview!

2. See your Manager as a friend / successful in the workplaceas a person you’re helping – Just remember, the more you help him / her get done, the more valued you will become within the company! It’s also much more fun and comfortable to work with a Senior member of your team as a friend, rather than an overseer.

3. Be innovative – Push yourself and your work to ‘the limit’! Try to come up with better / more effective ways you and your department can complete tasks.

4. Have a positive attitude – Don’t be one of those people who complain on a daily basis about their work and the company! Stay mentally positive and humble, to show you actually want to be there.

5. The customer is king – The customer is the most important person in your business! Don’t ignore / neglect them, and definitely don’t be rude to them (even if they are sometimes incorrect in some situations).

6. Mimic the top performers – Spot the top performers of the company and figure out what makes them successful / valuable to the company? E.g. why does the Managing Director congratulate / praise them regularly? Is it the amount of hours they work? Is it the way they easily build relationships?

7. Stand out above the rest – Get known for doing something particularly well, be it offering useful assistance to your colleagues / customers, the one who constantly innovates and comes up with amazing ideas, etc.

8. Learn, grow, succeed! – Yes, it’s true, you will most likely get bored with a job eventually. However, one way to avoid this is by taking up / asking your employer about additional training / educational opportunities.

That’s that! Just remember, these are only 8 ways to be successful in your job; there are hundreds more which we will likely cover at some point, so keep an eye for future posts around this subject!

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