4 Killer Cover Letter Tips #WednesdayWisdom

In Need Of Some Cover Letter Tips?

You’ve done it! You’ve found a job you would like to apply for, you’ve got your CV in order and you’re ready to send your application! But wait! You’re missing something! Something incredibly important….a cover letter!

The cover letter plays such a big part in the job application process; it’s the only weapon you have (apart from your CV) that you can use for making a good first impression on the Hiring Manager.

Follow these 4 cover letter tips steps to create a letter that stands out from the crowd:

1. The Opener – you must, I repeat, must have a decent opening line! I would start a letter by talking about your experience briefly and then asking to be considered for said job. If the vacancy requires experience with specific pieces of software (for example) like SolidWorks for design, then get it in there! Include any qualifications as well!

E.g. “Dear Mr / Mrs Hiring Manager, I have a broad knowledge of CAD design and have used the SolidWorks package extensively. I would like to be considered for your Design Engineer vacancy in London”. You could also try “You will see from the attached CV that I meet your specifications. I have worked in **** industry for over **** years and have done this, that and the other”. You get the picture…

Be specific and make it clear that you meet their requirements!

2. Dear Mr Whats-Your-Name.. – I read a lot of applications on a daily basis and I can’t tell you how good it feels when someone actually addresses me by my first name! Sure, “Dear Hiring Manager” is fine, but if you can say “Dear Chris” then that is really going to get my attention! I’m going to call someone out that sent me their CV yesterday and called me “m.r hiring person”. Please, for the love of everything, do not address anyone like that…ever.

If their name isn’t displayed on the advert, then have a search on a website like LinkedIn for example. If the company has 2+ Recruiters / Hiring Managers, then maybe play it safe and just put “Dear Hiring Manager”. Give the reception a call if you still can’t find their name. Don’t be scared, they won’t bite!

Oh and please spell it correctly. I’m going to call someone else out who’s application I replied to yesterday, who called me “Cris” despite my name being all over the email AND despite me highlighting and underlining it!

cover letter tips

3. Me, me, me, no. – don’t make the cover letter all about you, make sure you talk about the company as well. The Hiring Manager needs to feel confident knowing that they can hire you and that you are committed to their goals and objectives. Take some time to research and talk about their industry, clients and brand. This will demonstrate that you have got a genuine interest in the role and company itself!

“If you want to succeed you need to put the effort in” – Dwayne Johnson.

4. Keep it brief, keep it tidy! – make sure your letter is no longer than a page; the last thing that a Hiring Manager wants to do is read through three pages which are either a complete copy / reflection of your CV or is just a load of waffle.

Then take some time to read through your letter to check for spelling and grammar mistakes! Have someone else read through it as well.

That’s it! Good luck with your job application and good luck compiling a fantastic new cover letter!

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