7 signs that it’s time to quit your job…as told through GIFS

Do you even realise your stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? If you do, then you’re part of the apparently 60% (yes, 60!) of UK workers that are unhappy in their current jobs.

If you find yourself matching up with any of the below, then it’s seriously time to start thinking about moving on.

Your clock watching ‘skills’ are off the charts


It’s perfectly normal to regularly check the clock around an ‘important’ part of the day, be that a break, lunchtime or home time. However, if you’ve found yourself counting down the minutes till your next kitchen trip, then you’re definitely not happy in your job!

You’re (now) only interested in working for money


Lost interest in the work you’re carrying out, and are only making the effort to get through the day for money? Well then, you dislike your job!

You dread the thought of getting into and getting out of bed…

sunday night

You should be looking forward to the upcoming working week, not looking like this poor job-hating chap above!

You despise your commute and everything about it


I should add that before quitting your job because of your commute, you should try another form of transportation first, just in case it makes it a bit more bearable. If not, then quit your job!

Promotion? Ah, who cares….


The thought of a promotion and a pay rise doesn’t interest you? You’re still in your job why…?

Daydreaming about more ‘exciting’ things…


Daydreaming for an extended period of time when in the office just screams “FIND A NEW JOB!!!”

You genuinely don’t enjoy your job!


This one doesn’t need an explanation. Quit your job.

If you match up with any of the above, then trust me, it’s time to find yourself a new job.

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Bizarre and Weird Workplace Rules

Prepare yourself, we’ve taken to Reddit once again, but this time to compile a list of the most ridiculous and downright bizarre workplace rules around!

No Coffee After 2pm – One user described how their company weren’t allowed to drink coffee after 2pm and that the secretaries had to take it all away and lock it up! This rule has since been moved back to 12pm!

No Protection, No Problem – QualityOfMercy talked about how they were required to wear a fall protection harness to go up a scissor lift, however, explicitly it did not require you to attach it to anything….

Colour Of The Month – Kibblets worked at a restaurant where they held a “Colour Of The Month” rule, where they had to wear a specific coloured accessory that matched the rest of the front of house staff. Supposedly the colours never repeated themselves, so employees found themselves buying some expensive and never to be worn again accessories!


The Mystery Report – One user has to print a report every day (10-30 pages), reorganise it and check it for any errors, sign it, have someone else sign it and then send it to an installation 3000 miles away to be verified.

He assumed that the installation was the end of the line. Nope! That report is then manually typed up into an excel spreadsheet by a room full of people! If that isn’t wasteful then I don’t know what is!

License To Toast – Superstoreman’s wife worked at a University where you had to have a license to use a toasted sandwich maker! The license holder also had to ensure this ‘dangerous item’ was locked in a drawer, for use by only them.


Arrive Early, Start Early – Thunder_bird had an HR Manager who enforced a rule that said, if you arrived at work early, you have to start work early, unpaid. You apparently couldn’t even wait outside until your start time.

Slightly illegal?

That’s the end of this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Do you have any weird workplace rules that you want to share? Put them in the comments below or send them to us through our social channels.

Weird Jobs From Around The Internet

Weird Jobs – The Best Of The Rest

Some of us from time to time may have worked (or may even be in) in a weird job or environment, which some people may not even know existed!

We’ve taken to the front page of the internet, aka Reddit, to put together this list of outlandish, different, and just plain weird jobs for your entertainment! Enjoy!

Video Games…For Cats?! – User OrphanBach had to write video games for cats, yes, really. It was part of vision research, where they were studying how to interest cats for the maximum amount of time, the amount of visual tracking and the exact type of eye movements. Apparently the cats loved it!

It’s All A Lie!! – Remember those art shows on TV like Art Attack where they would feature art sent in by children? Well, Doctor_Puppet used to create fake children’s art for one of these TV shows (which he didn’t name)!

Feed Me Money! – Tigger880 didn’t specify his job title, but apparently he had to fold up and wrinkle dollar bills and then feed them into test machines. He was surrounded by thousands of dollars and was constantly under surveillance in a locked room. Freaky…

A Caddie…At A Miniature Golf Course – I’m not sure if Bob_Loblaw007 was serious or not, part of me wants it to be true and part of me doesn’t…

Break, break, break! – ETA_Was_Here is responsible for breaking toys and then writing reports on how they break. Great if you suffer from stress and need to unwind!

Book Repairman – While working at her local library, user Dianeruth was tasked with repairing books and once spent 4 hours glueing pictures of sad clowns into one book…

The Mystery Employer – Jaeward apparently spent 3 months taking pictures of cash machines (aka atm’s) and completing a survey on their condition, for a mystery employer who paid him $3 per machine. He claims to have been able to do 100+ machines a day!

There’s plenty of other unusual and weird jobs out there, this is just a handful that I thought were worth talking about!

If you have worked in a weird job / have heard of any, then please put them in the comments below.