Job Offers – What To Consider Before Accepting

Job offers aren’t meant to be scary, are they?

Well done, You’ve done it! You’ve been offered a job! Now before you go ahead and accept that offer there are a few things which you should take into consideration…

First thing to consider is..the people; your new Manager(s) / Boss(es), Co-Workers / team. Yes, it’s going to be very difficult to judge what these people are going to be like in a working environment after only having a quick discussion with them, BUT, have a good think about what it was like being around them, how they came across and how they treated you. E.g. what kind of questions did they ask (professional and personal?), how friendly were they?

The above could reflect on how your new colleagues will treat you, so really give this one some thought! Visit their company page on Glassdoor to see if they have any reviews or if anyone interviewing there has posted the questions asked.

One other important aspect to take into account is the environment that you’ll be working in. It’s very important to come to a conclusion as to which environment you’ll succeed in (e.g. non-profit, startup, agency, etc). Think about if you want to work in a fast paced environment, or maybe you want something a bit more arrangement and competition.

job offersI also highly advise (from personal experience) researching the physical
location of the office before even applying; you have to find somewhere that is commutable! Spending 1 hour+ of your morning sitting on a train can get quite boring unless you’ve got some interesting sights to see! Having somewhere to eat at lunch is also a nice benefit and can really help your attitude for the rest of the day, so maybe research if there are some shops or cafe’s nearby.

Are you also aware of how stable this company is? Take some time to research them on how many people they have been hiring recently and what their recent success has been like. Take a moment to also read about how well that particular industry is also performing. You have to make sure that it’s a stable job and that you’re not going to be a telling “I was the last in, first out” story in a years time…

Now we’re going to talk about…the money! Often, if you find yourself comparing two job offers, the route people tend to go down is the ‘more money’ path, which sometimes isn’t the right one to choose. Think about the salary that you could live on, as well as the number that would make an offer irresistible! Try to negotiate first and think more about the whole package, rather than the numbers on your payslip.

Well, that’s all we’re covering on job offers for today, we’ll have some more for you soon!

Interview Mistakes To Avoid!

Well done, you’ve secured a job interview! Here’s four interview mistakes that we hope you’ve never made (and never should!)

1. Not getting enough sleep – one of the biggest interview mistakes in ‘the book’! This is going to paramount if you want to succeed at your interview! You’ll be able to focus more, understand and answer the questions with ease and just have a much more positive interviewing experience. Check out this great article from Dreams (yes, the bed company) on why sleep is so important before a job interview. It covers why sleep should be your main priority the night before; how to wind down and that you should even take part in some form of exercise on the day!

2. Not preparing yourselfinterview-mistakesresearch the company, try the companies product (if possible), take part in some practice question and answer sessions online OR with someone else, be it a family member, friend, or neighbor – just not the dog!

3. Not providing examples – So you’ve told the employer that “I’m self-motivated”, “have excellent organisation and communication skills” and “am able to work well within a team”, but can you actually back that up with hard evidence? Every time you make one of the examples, immediately provide some sort of evidence / story to go with them.

4. Poor body language – this is another incredibly important point that can determine a good interview from a bad one! Give a good firm handshake (not crushing), sit up straight, smile, keep good eye contact with whoever is speaking and keep your hands on the table / desk (folded / crossed together) and not under on your knees!

Well, that’s it, thanks for reading! We’ll have more articles like this one for you very soon; there’s plenty of other interview mistakes that we’ll be covering!