How To Video Interview, Successfully

Video Interview

Need Help With Your Video Interview?

The video interview is becoming more and more popular by the day, a lot of companies and recruiters are starting to use them, mainly due to how cost effective and convenient they are.
Candidates must prepare themselves with new ways to impress the interviewers during these meetings, that wouldn’t normally be used during your standard face to face interview.

If you have a video interview coming up and need to prepare yourself, then you’ve chosen the right article to read! Let’s begin:

1.┬áTest Your Tech – Whatever you’re using, be it a computer, tablet or even a smartphone (I would avoid this), you need to ensure that your picture quality (camera) and sound (microphone) are up to scratch! You must also make sure that you have a stable internet connection with a half decent speed, along with a well-lit area for you to sit in and the right software installed.

Test it before you begin the interview, ask a friend or family member to video call you and give you feedback. Also, turn off any applications that could interrupt the interview, ensure that your operating system isn’t going to update and restart halfway through the meeting!

2. Location, location, location – Avoid sitting in an area with any distractions or background noise. As mentioned above, make sure that the area is lit correctly, and that you’ve (ideally) chosen a plain generic background.

3. Dress like you mean it! – Just because you’re having a job interview at home, doesn’t mean that you can video interview wearing your favourite t-shirt and jeans. Dress and present yourself as if you were having a proper interview; that means a full suit, tie, tidy hair and clean teeth!

4. Smile for the birdy! – Don’t forget that this is a job interview, keep eye contact with the camera, smile, and don’t slouch or wave your hands around.

5. Q&A – You’re not the only one who’s going to be receiving questions! You can also give some to the interviewer, so get some prepared before the interview begins (keep them offscreen, of course).

That’s that! Your video interview is over and now what do you do? Maybe you should check out our ‘post interview survival guide‘, or if you want to polish up your interview skills a bit more, then you can read our ‘interview mistakes to avoid‘ article.

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