Resume Words To & To Not Use

Resume words

We’re talking about the importance of utilising ‘powerful’ cv and resume words today! A strong version of either of these documents will be packed full of these words, they’ll help you create the strongest, interview (and hopefully) job winning resume around!

People often make mistakes and choose the wrong / redundant words, which will drag the resume down and reduce its effectiveness.

I’m going to give you two excellent infographics, one from a company called Careerbliss and another called workNet DuPage.

Careerbliss are up first, with 20 power resume words that you should absolutely use:

power resume words

workNet DuPage are now going to give us the best of both worlds; the best and worst resume words to use:

best and worst resume words

Both of these infographics are a few years old, but the words on them definitely still apply to resume’s these days.

Let us know which words you used; if you feel brave enough, then give us a preview of the sentence you used them in!

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