How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Summary

Your LinkedIn Summary – Your Best Weapon

Working on your LinkedIn profile can be quite overwhelming at times, there’s just so many different elements you can add to it which can have different (and mostly positive) effects to it.

But, the one that people should really give care and attention to is the LinkedIn summary section. This is a part of your profile that is really going to help your LinkedIn ranking and get you profile views!

So whether you’re brand new to LinkedIn, or just updating your profile and need some new ideas, here are some tips to help you out.

Don’t Leave It Blank – Never, ever leave the summary section blank! Unless you want the reader to see your work experience first, then get something in there. Give your profile an introduction and tell the reader about yourself.

Save That Space – Ensure that you fill your summary with the correct words and not just a load of generic phrases that a Recruiter has seen a thousand times over. These words and phrases aren’t going to do a thing for your profile and certainly isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd. Use your summary to showcase your impressive skills and achievements, not to tell the reader that you’re an “enthusiastic team player” with “remarkable typing skills”.

That being said, you should fill it with some words to excite the reader and keep them on your profile, just make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

Tidy It Up – Space it out with paragraphs, headers / sub-headers and links! Think about it, would you enjoy reading through an unformatted 2000 character block of text?

Sell Yourself – Just as you would with your CV introduction, sell yourself to the Recruiter / Hiring Manager reading. Tell them a story, share your achievements, make it interesting and engaging! The summary is your opportunity to grab their attention and get them interested in you, don’t mess it up.

Keywords – I’ve discussed this topic quite a few times, and it’s certainly something you can’t afford to ignore. The best keywords for your profile are going to be things like skills and tools that you’ve used in the past, for example:

“I’m a very experienced Mechanical Design Engineer, who has worked extensively on AutoCAD Inventor and Solidworks Visualize Professional. I also have skills in PLC programming, automotive engineering, powertrain design.”

Don’t overfill this section with keywords though, that will become obvious very quickly if you have and will most likely turn the reader away.

Making use of these tips will result in a much more successful and attractive profile, which will lead to more opportunities for your career!

The Best Websites For Your Job Search #TechTuesday

It’s Tuesday and It’s Time For Some Tech!

Today, I’m going to be going through some of the best websites that you should be investing your time in while conducting your job search!

Oh and yes, the titles below (almost) all link to our pages within those sites, so make sure you check them out!

Let’s begin:

1. LinkedIn – We’re big advocates of LinkedIn, I’m sure you’re already aware that you should be using LinkedIn as a resource when job hunting, but if you’re not, then you’re really missing out!

Use it to directly contact / connect with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, follow companies to find out what positions they are currently trying to fill, showcase yourself through your personal profile (recommendations are a must have), and to network with others in groups and on company pages. We post on it multiple times a day, often with new vacancies that our clients have assigned to us (that’s a good reason to check us out, right?).

2. Twitter – “Twitter?!” you might be saying or thinking. Yes, Twitter! It’s quite similar to the LinkedIn strategy above; create a good looking profile with relevant keywords in the bio section (limited to 160 characters), follow as many Recruitment / career accounts as you can (industry relevant as well), tweet smart and be someone worth following!

3. CV-Library – The big kid on the ‘job board block’! You’re very much missing out if you’re not signed up for CV-Library. Make sure you use their ‘jobs via email’ alerts to make sure you don’t miss anything that’s posted!

4. Jobsite – Another good’un that you should be signed up with! I don’t have much to say about it, apart from that it should definitely be in your job search arsenal!

5. Indeed – Indeed may actually the best of the job boards! Think of it as a ‘job search engine’, it essentially crawls hundreds of thousands of careers websites every day (including ours) for new vacancies, and then automatically posts them. It is literally overflowing with fresh jobs!

They also have a very powerful jobs by email service; if you’re only interested in receiving jobs such as (for example) a Mechanical Design Engineer, then make sure you wrap that text in speech marks, this will tell Indeed to only search and send jobs which have exactly “Mechanical Design Engineer” in them.

6. Facebook – I wasn’t actually going to put Facebook on to this list until I remembered something invaluable about it! Local groups! Recruiters and Hiring Managers love using these to advertise vacancies, but they aren’t the only ones, you will often find if you join a group with a large member base, that there will always be a few people in there who will proactively share jobs that they spot online!

Try searching for “jobs in …..”, replace the dots with whatever town or county you’re looking for a career in, and you’ll usually find something almost straight away!

BONUS WEBSITE – The best of the lot. Period!

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you’ve got something to take away from it, and if not..well then sorry for wasting 5 minutes of your time! Remember, these are just a small collection of websites which in my (almost) two years of experience working here I have seen; there’s plenty of others out there which you could and should be searching on!

Remember, these are just a small collection of some of the websites which in my (almost) two years of working here I have seen; there’s plenty of others out there which you could and should using in your job search.