What can a recruitment company do for your job search?

Looking for a job can be a very frustrating and often time-consuming experience. As a job seeker, why should you be making use of a recruitment company (such as ourselves)?

There are a number of benefits you might not have realised to using a recruitment company in your job search, here are a few of the main points:

Using an agency saves A LOT of time

The process if having to update your CV, registering with job boards and finding vacancies to apply for often takes up an enormous amount of time. An agency will often ask you to send an updated CV and will then put it into their own format. They will also take care of sending it round their contacts, organising interviews, etc.

The hidden job market is revealed

That’s right, there really is a hidden job market that you didn’t know about! More often than not, a company will choose NOT to advertise their positions publicly and will just go straight to an agency and ask them to search for it (this saves them time and money).

By registering with a recruitment company, you will instantly gain access to this huge market.

They have contacts. Powerful contacts

By choosing a good recruitment company, you will often find that they have an incredibly wide and varied list of contacts and projects that they can market your CV out to.

Choosing a specialist agency over a high street one will mean that your CV is only sent to the most relevant companies and Hiring Managers around.

They will also proactively go out and search for companies that they can cold call and send your CV to, if you have a particular skillset.

Advice, tips and tricks

A Recruiter only wants to see you succeed during your job search. More often than not, they will provide you with advice on your CV, interviews, knowledge / useful facts about the company you’re interviewing at, feedback afterwards and more.

Everything is free of charge

A recruitment company will NEVER charge you a fee for the use of their services. We’re working on behalf of and are paid by our clients to search for their jobs, therefore, there aren’t any costs or charges to you.

Hopefully, this list has convinced you as to why you should use a recruitment company in your job search. Of course, you should keep on networking and sending applications directly to employers as and when you can, but do not forget about recruitment companies and what they could be doing for you!