Bizarre and Weird Workplace Rules

Prepare yourself, we’ve taken to Reddit once again, but this time to compile a list of the most ridiculous and downright bizarre workplace rules around!

No Coffee After 2pm – One user described how their company weren’t allowed to drink coffee after 2pm and that the secretaries had to take it all away and lock it up! This rule has since been moved back to 12pm!

No Protection, No Problem – QualityOfMercy talked about how they were required to wear a fall protection harness to go up a scissor lift, however, explicitly it did not require you to attach it to anything….

Colour Of The Month – Kibblets worked at a restaurant where they held a “Colour Of The Month” rule, where they had to wear a specific coloured accessory that matched the rest of the front of house staff. Supposedly the colours never repeated themselves, so employees found themselves buying some expensive and never to be worn again accessories!


The Mystery Report – One user has to print a report every day (10-30 pages), reorganise it and check it for any errors, sign it, have someone else sign it and then send it to an installation 3000 miles away to be verified.

He assumed that the installation was the end of the line. Nope! That report is then manually typed up into an excel spreadsheet by a room full of people! If that isn’t wasteful then I don’t know what is!

License To Toast – Superstoreman’s wife worked at a University where you had to have a license to use a toasted sandwich maker! The license holder also had to ensure this ‘dangerous item’ was locked in a drawer, for use by only them.


Arrive Early, Start Early – Thunder_bird had an HR Manager who enforced a rule that said, if you arrived at work early, you have to start work early, unpaid. You apparently couldn’t even wait outside until your start time.

Slightly illegal?

That’s the end of this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Do you have any weird workplace rules that you want to share? Put them in the comments below or send them to us through our social channels.