Rid Yourself Of Stress In The Workplace

Stress Begone!

Stress in the workplace is not uncommon by any means, everyone suffers stress in the workplace environment from time to time!

If it’s been bothering you for a while, then it’s definitely time to take action, your career shouldn’t ever make you angry, to the point where stress starts digging in! It could be affecting your productivity, health and personal life.

We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to rid yourself of stress in the workplace once and for all, let’s make your career fun again:

1. A Well Rested Employee Is A Happy Employee – I can’t begin to tell you how important sleep is when it comes to the whole ‘beating stress’ subject! Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night can and will help you almost immediately.

If you find it difficult getting to sleep, then try to go to bed earlier and earlier every night, until you hit that ‘sweet spot’ that fits in with you and your busy lifestyle / schedule.

2. Thank You For The Music – Blasting your favourite music at home (make sure you sing out loud), on the way to work (maybe don’t sing out loud for this one), and even whilst working (if your boss allows it) has an incredible effect on our emotional health, our focus, and even our decision-making process!

Determine your current listening habits, identify your preferences, establish your anchor song and get it going!

3. Clean Desk = Happy You – It’s one hundred percent true that a clean work environment is a happy work environment; if your desk is cluttered up with paper, stationery, etc, then get it off and keep only the essentials!

4. Let’s Chat – This should be one of the first things you do when you start getting stressed at work, talking about it with someone! Whether it be your Manager, a colleague, a family member or a friend, it makes a big difference getting it out in the open.

5. Hit The Gym – Exercising releases endorphins, which makes us feel happy and positive! Try exercising in the morning before you go to work and see how it impacts your day. Try to get in around 30 minutes+, 3+ times a week.

6. Eat Away The Stress! – Take a step back and look at what you’re currently eating on a regular basis that is considered unhealthy. Have a McDonalds for lunch every day and feeling awful? Swap it out for something healthier like a salad, (healthy) sandwich or pasta.

7. Smile And Say Good Morning – I’m hoping you already do this, otherwise you might be the unpopular one in the office! Make a conscious effort to smile when you come into work and say good morning to everyone; ask them how their evening was, have a nice chatty conversation before your day begins.

8. Leave Work At Work – Getting a healthy work-life balance will help you immensely; enjoy your weekends and time away from work, don’t spend it checking up on your emails / notifications every five minutes!

Try not to stay too late (if at all), as a recent study has shown that people who work late in the office have an increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack; get yourself home and relax!

If there’s anything I’ve missed off here then feel free to stick it in the comments below, it would be interesting to hear how you keep yourself calm and collected within the workplace.